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Our own events

The Slovak market  offers a suitable space for the innovation, and there is a room for new products and unconventional educational formats.

We are currently working on open Talent program for companies and their young employees with management potential. The purpose of the program is to bring together high quality trainers, successful business leaders and motivated individuals, who want to work hard on their own improvement every day. This program is prepared in cooperation with the non-profic organization Manageria, which discovers and educates young leaders.

One of our goals is to create an innovative concept of a conference focused on “Personal development”. The conference will connect the traditional conference education and networking with direct learning. Its advantages are high quality speakers and trainers from Slovakia and abroad, who will create a very casual atmosphere and encourage the communication among all participants.

If you would like get more information about these products, or would like to get involved in their implementation, please contact us at andrej@invents.sk.

If you are interested in the information on How we innovate, we recommend our subpage related to this topic.