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Events for NGOs

We consider the nonprofit sector in Slovaka to be a very important part of civil society. Each member of our team has been active in non-profit organizations or within them has organized one or more events. As an organization, it is our goal to work with nonprofits in as large a capacity as possible.

In this context, we see a large, unused potential of cooperation between non-profit and profit sector, in the area of education. Therefore, we are offering consultating or outsourcing of the entire event. We would also like to participate in the events connecting non-profit and corporate sector. This cooperation brings a great added value to both parties. These formats are ones of our own.

We cooperate very closely with the nonprofits such as Manageria and Fórum nezávislých názorov, which are already working with the corporate and non-profit sector.  Great job in this area have done also NGO Voices, which created a very interesting video on the topic of civil society.

We apologize but it is available only in Slovak.