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How to Innovate?

Through new ideas and experience we want to point out the importance of the educational events and conferences of all kinds. Our goals is to manifest the original purpose of the educational conferences and through them inspire and motivate people from various areas.

Our aim is to make the events more innovative and to encourage the transfer of knowledge, experience and inspiration, or facilitate a dialogue between the parties.

How do we want to innovate?

Nowdays, everybody is using the word innovate….

…but what does it really mean? How do we want to differentiate ourselves from the others?

First of all, we work with the people who have a great experience with the high quality and innovative organization of the events. These people have created several innovative concepts such as Forum of inspiring thoughts, which is something like “Slovak ‘TED for students”  job fair with the CEOs and company directors….which was happening during night :). Following this success, we were part of the Volunteering Opportunities Fair, which helps participants engage in the specific activities of non-profit organizations, that assist in solving the problems of the society. In addition, each of us organized a number of other projects.

How we  can innovate your event?

Let us show you more illustratively.