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Banskobystrické inšpirácie 2

On 11/30 -01/12 2012, in cooperation with the Forum of independent opinions we organized a conference called “Banskobystrické inšpirácie”, whose aim was to open a discussion on the urgent problems of health system with renowned Slovak and foreign authorities.

Patient safety, inefficient and unnecessary treatment or effect of the drug act 2011 (relationship of farma firm and doctor) were topics of international conference “Banskobystrické inšpirácie” at the hotel Kaskady. The garant of the conference was Slovak office of WHO with 11 CME credits.

One of the main topic opened on the conference was the fact, that medicine is increasingly moving away from its primary meaning –  helping the patient in the as fastest, simplest and most effective way. On the contrary, it contaminates more mercenary motivations influence the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches towards improving the material benefit of those who provide health care.

Among the presenters were foreign doctors Dr. Frank, Professor Leiner as well as  Slovak capacities such as Prof. Krčméry or MUDr. Janota. The different views were provided by members of the Board of Directors of the Insurance company Dovera, the Director of GlaxoSmithKline Pavol Trnovec, Zuzana Dančíková from Transparency International, representatives of patient organizations and MUDr. Bendova,

Recording of the conference can be viewed here.